Sunday, January 8, 2012

So Dear to My Heart

Once Upon A Time, Walt Disney, way back when he was alive, made movies which were quite beloved by children of that era, but which apparently do not get much play these days.

One such was about a little black goat, and starred the same boy star who had been in Treasure Island, Bobby Driscoll, who was perhaps about my own age. I suspect that I may have been a little jealous of his fame and fortune, and was somewhat brought up short some time later on, when I read that he died alone and undiscovered for days in a tenement in a ghetto in NYC somewhere.

Anyhow, Blogger Girl and I went for a local bike ride and found this little fellow bleating up alongside the fence in a herd of Longhorn cattle, lots of other goats, and an emu. It reminded me of that movie, and a simpler, gentler time that I suspect many of us older people miss.


Anonymous said...

In honesty, it may have been a little black sheep. It's been a long time since I saw it.

Dorrie said...

I wonder if that film is available anywhere... I don't remember.

Fijufic said...

Let's catch up sometime.


Lowandslow said...

I don't remember the Disney movie you mentioned, but I do long for the simpler, gentler times you mention. But as we both know, you can't go back. Too bad.


Anonymous said...

I just looked, and the movie was released in 1948---before the time of some of you youngsters. I had forgotten that Burl Ives was in it.

Burl sang in the choir of the church where my Grandfather was the pastor. Not many people know that. [or care, but what the hey] fin

BethanyC said...

This one was a very handsome and outspoken fellow!

Anonymous said...

I suppose all farm kids knew they scratched themselves with their hind hoofs in the manner of a flea-bitten hound, but it surprised me.

Have I mentioned recently how much I enjoy this part of Dixie, and biking through it with you? Thanks for your patient company.