Monday, February 14, 2011

Technology that makes me Smile

As it is Valentine’s Day, and since I am a long way away from where my
heart is, I went looking for an e card that would make us feel a little closer.

In a radical departure from my norm, I did NOT pick the very first one I saw,
even though it was a cute little bunny etc, but looked a bit further and finally
found one that I thought expressed my own feelings pretty accurately.

The substances was that you are the one and only and my life revolves around only
You, without whom I should most certainly be desole.

Fine. All well and good, so I added a note, saying that it certainly expressed my own feelings of love and togetherness and oneness well.

The guffaw came when I scrolled down another inch on the page to be faced with the note

“You can send the identical card to up to 100 friends”

Sorry. Not at my age! Five or ten is more than enough.

Just kidding BG. You are IT! Happy V Day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


DId I read somewhere that the eskimos have 14 different words for snow?

Working in my driveway this morning, I think I had more than that!