Monday, January 31, 2011

OK - I Have Been Kinda Worrying

...about spending a good more time than intended in the city of Brotherly Love manana. It is not way up on my list of places I want to be stuck involuntarily.

So, when I called the airline to reconfirm the three flights scheduled for tomorrow, and the machine kicked out my automated reconfirmation due to an ongoing systems limitation in their computer, I was not altogether surprised when the bubbly lady in Phoenix said........ummmm......uhhh.......ooookkkkk......are you flexible?

Well, I am to a degree, in terms of when I must fly, although I cannot bring my leg up over my shoulder from behind. [Never could, actually.]

The upshot is that I will not be stuck either in Philly nor the Tarheel State au demain.

I am now going to take Copper for a walk.

In shorts. {Me, not he]

It is 65 degrees here.

Meanwhile, in another time zone....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going Home --------- Or NOT

As I said in a comment recently, I have now achieved a mental state in which I feel like I am going home, whether I am northbound or opposite. The sad converse of this is that I am also leaving home each time I make the trip. And it is always a rather intense emotional experience.

Several additional factors are influencing my mood today. My almost-brand-new dell laptop has eaten its insides, fortunately well within the fix-in-the-home warranty period, but still leaving an internet addict feeling like an alcoholic in the drunk tank. The good news---really really good news is that the hard drive with hundreds of hours of work on it, (some but not all backed up, at least until the frantic efforts when the dead dell returned briefly to life again) seems intact and working well. The tech who was supposed to call yesterday for an appointment was not able to do so because of a huge AT&T outage which affected a wide area (land lines included) and also knocked out internet for the backup laptop).

Next, after only one night of aloneness, the thought of a series of them back to back is certainly unwelcome. Furthermore, the severe winter on LI has had its effect on my poor empty house and I face at least two problems upon my return in a few days. I am very grateful meanwhile to my conscientious neighbor who has been so diligent in looking after the place, and keeping me abreast of the developments there so that I am not blindsided by them upon my return.

This is a photo of what awaits me.