Thursday, November 26, 2009

Macy*s Parade

The parade has been held for over eighty years. Way back when the parade was about half that age, young Fin marched in his HS marching band in said parade. We marched behind the elephants, which gives one amazing focus in watching where one steps along the route.

This year, three MILLION viewers lined the new parade route to watch. That is the population of a large city, just along the parade route. In a never-to-be-forgotten act of compassion and charity, Blogger Girl gave Fin a pass on going in person to view this spectacle.

Therefore, Fin got to internet and watch Dave Price interview Hizzoner and a string of B list actors plugging their respective endeavours, and Blogger Girl got to actually experience the electricity surrounding the parade first-hand, up close and personal.

Both enjoyed their day and subsequent Thanksgiving Feast ... at a sports bar of all places. Photo by BG.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

One of the High Points In My far

Just got word on another website that this magnificent plane crashed at an airshow in South Africa. The pilot was unable to eject and lost his life.

He was not the same pilot with whom I flew in this very plane, to 61,000 feet in two minutes, back at the beginning of this decade. My hands-on supersonic flight in this machine was quite literally the high point of my life, at that time.

For Ben, the Tree Lover

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ida Was Here

First encounter with Ida had her within fifty miles of our Dixie Estate.

This view of Fire Island National Seashore was taken on the beach at mean low tide. At high tide, there WAS no beach.

Different topic - still trying to wrap my mind around learning of a life-altering event for two us ..... on [ack] facebook.

Still, heartiest congratulations and well done my darling Blogger Girl! I am excited, happy, proud and maybe yes, a bit nervous.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cool When It's Cold

If I thought I was astounded to learn that Blogger Girl had gotten Hyperhound a leather jacket, I was ten times as astounded that she was actually able to get him into it, whilst in the very midst a former hurricane, when he was exponentially more hyperactive than normal...(if possible).

If you think his expression here is funny,{remember, you can click this image to enlarge it} I am just sad that I do not have the expertise to post a video of this process. I am, however, very impressed BG!