Thursday, November 26, 2009

Macy*s Parade

The parade has been held for over eighty years. Way back when the parade was about half that age, young Fin marched in his HS marching band in said parade. We marched behind the elephants, which gives one amazing focus in watching where one steps along the route.

This year, three MILLION viewers lined the new parade route to watch. That is the population of a large city, just along the parade route. In a never-to-be-forgotten act of compassion and charity, Blogger Girl gave Fin a pass on going in person to view this spectacle.

Therefore, Fin got to internet and watch Dave Price interview Hizzoner and a string of B list actors plugging their respective endeavours, and Blogger Girl got to actually experience the electricity surrounding the parade first-hand, up close and personal.

Both enjoyed their day and subsequent Thanksgiving Feast ... at a sports bar of all places. Photo by BG.


Chiang Guy said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't have to get out and brave three million people to watch snoopy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wizardress said...

I've always wanted to see that parade in person. I'm glad you and Blogger girl spend your Thanksgiving together and that she did get to enjoy some of the excitment without you having to endure :)

Anonymous said...

I've always been amazed at how popular that parade is.
I was reading your KCL post - I agree that it's insane that they are passing bills with THAT much money in it and aren't even reading the bill. They claim they have aids that read through it for them. Well, if they do, great, but it's total BS for them not to read it themselves. That's great representation for you.

Fijufic said...

I have never been.

Sunny said...

I enjoyed reading this , Fin. Also thanks for the "nudge" ... it worked.

It's so wonderful that you both could be there together and have Thanksgiving toooo!!

Wow, in person, up close and personal with that very Awesome Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!!!

I was in a few parades in my younger (teen) and childhood years, but on the floats !!

Chimp said...

Did you have to dig out of the snowstorm? Happy holidays, Fin.