Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ida Was Here

First encounter with Ida had her within fifty miles of our Dixie Estate.

This view of Fire Island National Seashore was taken on the beach at mean low tide. At high tide, there WAS no beach.

Different topic - still trying to wrap my mind around learning of a life-altering event for two us ..... on [ack] facebook.

Still, heartiest congratulations and well done my darling Blogger Girl! I am excited, happy, proud and maybe yes, a bit nervous.


Fin said...

Clarified to assure gentle readers that BG did NOT post on facebook. Someone else did, and this is how we learned, indirectly of the event. It has since been confirmed by more official channels.

Dorrie said...

??? am I missing something? New job or something?

Fin said...

She has been selected to be the coordinator of youth programs for every library in the county and one adjacent county. She will also be going back to school. She is going to be a very busy Girl Blogger!

Wizardress said...


I am SO thrilled for y'all, even though I know it's going to be a huge adjustment.

*big hugs to both of you *

Fin said...

Thanks Wiz! It is big.

Sunny said...

Woweee, that IS big! and yes, very life-altering....that's wonderful your sweetie is advancing like this, amazing, but then BG *is* amazing. I knew she had it in her to go up up up in the world ! :)

~Ida sure ate a huge bite outta that beach and then rinsed it away with the high tide.
Thanks for sharing this picture :)

I'm out of FaceBook [ it's a waste of my precious time]