Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One of the signs of aging, one supposes..... that an hour long chore takes most of the day and leaves one feeling like a truck ran over you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Deepest Sympathies

Bethany has just lost her remarkable Grandmother--her Dad's Mom. She has been written up before on her hundredth birthday and on the fiftieth anniversary of her son's wedding, but she was truly an amazing woman, who had open heart surgery in her nineties and raised seven children while living and working abroad, in South America.

Last week, Bethany and I both devoutly wished that she could be with me here in Yankeeland as I faced two medical appointments in a single day and surgery several days later. [OK, I won't whine about how I would have liked her with me as I took my first faltering steps into Windows-Seven land, but yes, I would have liked her here for that, too.]

But for very good and sufficient reasons, we both accepted that she could not be here, and both made the best of it. Now, I equally devoutly wish that I could hop on a plane or three and return back from when I just came, to be with her and her family for the funeral. But I very likely will not be able to, and it hurts. I hope we will both come to accept and make the best of it again. I certainly look forward to rejoining her and our strange dog as soon as my vision is stabalized. In fact I am still toying with the idea of trying to drive there...Yankee license plates and all.