Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In the tradition of one of my favorite bloggers

The following phone exchange just took place. They said it would be recorded and used for training purposes. I HOPE so!

He: This is Verizon and

Me: Are you calling to sell me something or is there a problem with my service

He: Oh, no problem. Verizon is in the area, and we just see you are long term customer and thought we might lower your rates with some of our…

Me: I pay fifteen bucks a month. Are you going to lower that?

He: Oh, no sir. Sorry about that.

Me: Are you involved with FIOS at all?

He: yes

Me: I’ve had opposite opinions from verizon as to whether it is available to me, here now.

He: What is your phone number?

Me: Um…you called ME, remember?

He: stutters…mentions something about H***

Me: I don’t live in H****

He: More mumbling, F****. Yes, phone and internet available

Me: If I go away…..

He: Reconnect charge of $29.95

Me: Sounds like a deal breaker to me

He: We have vacation package where you pay $15 a month

Me: For service you are not using?

He: Mumbles

Me: BTW, saying you are ‘in the area’ sounds a lot like the gypsy home improvement scammers. You might want to try for a better opening line.


Fijufic said...

Aggravating isn't it. I am the exact same way.

We need to chat soon. I have some things to say and questions to ask of you.


BenB said...

ROFL!!! This is hilarious!! Way to go, Fin!!

jclouds said...

Wow, long lost follower makes comment. I laughing to much about that set up you did to that poor fellow!