Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wow - we were on LIVE television

Seems the local Congressman from South Dixie had a "town hall" meeting. I had wanted to ask him about the Salt Dome mess, and envisioned a dusty little room with a row of straight back chairs and a half dozen people sitting around trying to stay awake.

Wrong. In the first place, it was held in an auditorium...a large one. Secondly, when we were several blocks from the place, we noted cars pulled off and parked on the grass, and when we finally got to the entrance to the place, a half dozen sheriff cars and many many more on foot.

And several television crews. BG and I rapidly decided that this was NOT something we wanted to get involved with. The line of people to even try to get into the building stretched the length of a (US) football field.

Getting out was NOT easy, and while doing so, we drove thru a live television shot. It ended up on their website and I took a photo of my laptop screen, and here 'tis.

and here we come, slowly driving thru the live shot.


John0 Juanderlust said...

He wasn't one of those by-invitation-only town hall scammers? That is saying something, I guess.

Lou said...

Wow big meeting - were they expecting trouble with all the cops there?

Fin said...

It concerned Health Care and similar meetings throughout the US had drawn large and sometimes unfriendly crowds.

One thing that struck me particularly was the fact that the crowd, as far as I could see, was entirely Caucasian. This is all the more unusual as it was located in a heavily non-caucasian part of the state and country.

Anonymous said...

Really, from the press anyway - it's all been a heap of unfriendly crowds with people totally opposed to one aspect of the overhaul or even totally opposed to the entire thing.
I wouldn't have wanted to get involved in that mess, either.

Wizardress said...

Yikes. I don't blame y'all for not wanting to stay.

How did things go even though y'all didnt' attend?

BethanyC said...

Wiz, everyone was well behaved and we saw clips later that looked like Taylor handled it well.