Friday, September 25, 2009

Of Hornets And Wasps

Thank you God for looking out for me today. I had contemplated a flight over the top of New York City, a mile and a half above it in fact, where the air is still 'free' and you can go where you please without permission.

However, 'something' prompted me to discuss the proposal with two very senior and knowledgeable Flight Instructors before I took off, and they off handedly asked me if I knew about the Presidential TFR in effect for the entire NYC area. Lack of knowledge about said TFR will get you a quick and unfriendly visit from a pair of Hornets --- the F-18 variety.

Sure enough, with my recent curtailing of my television "news" addiction, I had forgotten or ignored the fact that tribal chiefs from all over the world were busy being important in the Big Apple corner of the land of the free. One of my favorite bumper stickers came vividly to mind.

As for the wasps, it was again a sudden impulse which prompted me to grab the spray before beginning the pre flight, as they had been happily missing from the last half dozen flights. Today, however, there were six encounters, and one was mightily glad they occurred on the ground, not on takeoff, as has happened previously.

In almost two hundred and fifty visits, I do not ever recall choosing this destination as a second choice. Not hard to guess why!

Please feel free to click this bottom photo.


Dorrie said...

nice view!

Would you believe I haven't flown in a whole year? No time, no weather, no plane... and getting pneumonia didn't help much either.

Fin said...

BG asked - a TFR is a Temporary Flight Restriction.

Westy - that is indeed a shame. I have flown 15 times thia month alone, which is WAY more than my usual. It was my second visit this month to the Isle of Block, which remains solidly on top of my list of favorite places.

Lou said...

Lucky you did mention it to those guys or we might have seen you on the news Fin.

Fin said...

Lou - you have NO idea how lucky it was!!

Judy AKA Sunny said...

Ahhh, Fin on CNN nightly news!! (joking)

Glad the guys spoke up and let you know where you were not supposed to be!

I clicked on your photo.... very nice shot and gorgeous view!

Fin said...

Nice to see you again Sunny. I just enjoyed one of your videos of the local beach.

BethanyC said...

I still LOVE that bumper sticker!

Chimp said...

After being waterboarded 25 times, Fin finally admitted that he was trying to shoot down King Kong off the Empire State building to save Manhattan and the FBI believed him and let him go.

Anonymous said...

Chimp!! A pleasure, as always!