Sunday, February 1, 2009


The title has double meaning today. I just returned from a foray out of my cave and into the world on the second day of '09 where the temperatures were above freezing.

I went to the beach and took some nice photos which I would love to post here but they get cropped by the site when I try. So I have put one on a site here:

The sad in the title relates to two things: First, I went to Circuit City nearby to see about looking at laptops (for background on this you would need to check still another dam blog, this one on the new Journalspace) and when I got there, all I found was a blank wall where the sign had been and depressing metal gates across the inside of the front doors, and one sad, solitary light on. In a similar fashion, down near the beach was what appeared to be a BRAND NEW CVS pharmacy which looked like it had been abandoned before it ever opened its doors.

It is a far different thing to see these empty buildings and remember the people who had dealt with me in the past and wonder what has or will become of them, than it is to read on a webpage or hear on the news that one hundred thousand more Americans have lost their jobs.

The other meaning of SAD for me today is Seasonal Affective Disorder. I have never felt particularly prone to it, but by gum it was GOOD to get outside the house today and wander around the 'hood. I guess I was suffering more from Cabin Fever than from SAD. I am going to ponder the value of trying to post a few more of my beach pictures on wordpress.

Regards to all


Judy said...

Hi Fin :) I hope you are not sad for long. Yup, it's good to get out of the cabin...;)

Okay, here's how to make your photos full size! : go over to my recent *post about my library....."click" on the picture! Tada!

You see, when we add an image Blogger does crop it, ....but that's for the post. We can click on them and they become ....full size! :)

My current one, *I did another way,* so if we click on that one it won't go bigger.

Good luck and have fun. :)

Benita said...

Sorry about the closings of some of your favorite places up there! Today was the first really "nice" day we've had in ages! Sunny and warm nearly all day with temps in low 60's. They say another cold front is headed our way, however! I don't know about the picture posting here; I haven't had any problems with it so far! Could it be that they are getting chopped off on each side because of this particular template you are now using, with the wide green margins on each side? That's all I can figure. Best wishes!

Fijufic said...

I get a bit melancholy. There will be more empty places Fin. The corporate wave is the next wave and it is BIG.

I'm glad you enjoyed the beach. I took a run on it yesterday afternoon.

I feel better outside for some odd reason.


Fin said...

Sunny is right; if you click the pictures posted here you can see the missing parts.


mr-stu said...

My wife being Australian has the same SAD syndrome at this time of year as she sure hates the English weather.

Anonymous said...

Apparently a few Brits are hating your weather the last few days too.

Thanks ladies for your good wishes and the suggestion.

BenB said...

Yeah, a little different to know people who are affected by it than to just read about it. But - it still affects me anyway, I have no idea if I'll still be employed at the company I'm at when the end of this year comes round.
I always, ALWAYS feel better when I get outside as well. Indoors can get very gloomy for whatever reason.

Fin said...

Got to take a really nice flight yesterday and shot some pix along the way, but it was too hazy to bother post them. Still, the area is stunningly beautiful from the air.