Sunday, September 25, 2011

Been VERY Busy (Well, comparatively anyhow)

So I have been WAAAY underdosed on my internetting. Real life took hold here for a week and two adjacent weekends, and a lot of good things happened.

Blogger Girl got a vacation, and since Fin had neglected to bring his passport from Yankeeland to Dixie, he and then we planned a substitute trip in the USofA, where the value of the Euro is not a constant irritant and customs and passport control are not added to the already intolerable idiocy of the TSA.

We got all our irritation and bad luck out of the way on our first night, when arriving after a trip which took us from the Gulf Coast to North Carolina, and then to Phoenix and then to Flagstaff, the rental car which we had reserved was not there. We had been up since 3AM to begin this oddysey, and it was now six PM and we were not in the mood for corporate shenanigans.

Their position was here is what we have; take it or leave it. There were NO other car rental agencies open, so their bargaining position was pretty strong. The photo shows what they gave us on the right, and what Fin pounced on like a jungle cat the following morning, and in which we spent the next two thousand miles of motoring.


BethanyC said...

I definitely liked the car behind door #2!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we both quite bonded with that surprising little car, with things like side window defrosters, secondary cigarette lighter in center console and a sound system capable of playing an MP3.

I had really hoped for a convert for the trip up Rt1, and definitely enjoyed it in the parks as well.

Fijufic said...

Skip the van. Did you make it to North Carolina?

Anonymous said...

We flet to Charlotte and thence Phoenix. At Charlotte we didn't leave the screened area, but in Phoenix we did, to meet a former journalspacer friend and have lunch together.

A woman drove the mitsubishi onto the hertz lot as we were arriving, and I basically took her keys from her to go confront the drones behind the counter there. Some businesman with an important meeting in about an hour and a half got the van because they had told him they had NOTHING and I handed him the keys and said, here, now you've got a vehicle (the term they kept using with me).

John0 Juanderlust said...

That was a fine looking ride