Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Cruise Saga - Coast to Coast

Cruise from Long Beach California to Miami Florida
From September 17 to October 2 stops at Acapulco, Costa Rica, Panama, Aruba and Jamaica.
Carnival ship Ecstasy.

---------- INTRO

This time I am going to make some effort to intersperse photos in the text as I go to hopefully make the experience more palatable for those who choose to shovel their way through the verbiage.

Chronologically, this was the first of the three which I have posted. It was a different cruise line, and I was not offered nor expected any of the VIP perks which accrued to later cruises.

This was a cruise on which I had significant computer AND camera problems, and even as I begin the editing, I am not sure of what the continuity of the entire trip will be. In fact, one very kind gentleman who was attempting to help me 'find' sixty or so photos on my borrowed digital camera lost ALL of his own photos for the trip with one wrong push of a button on his own camera.

We both tried to find other cruisers willing to share some of their photos with us, but to their eternal shame, the cruise staff refused to make a PA announcement on the subject, preferring instead the inane babble about hairy chests contests and bingo.


Fijufic said...

Whew losing photos is a real nightmare...

Fin said...

I felt really bad, 'cause the poor guy was trying to help me by sharing some of his, and POOF!

I really think the cruise line SHOULD have made one announcement that if people wanted to even just swap email addresses so they could exchange photos post-cruise, they should meet at such and such time & place.