Sunday, June 19, 2011

Taking a Break from Cruise Posts – Life, Goes On

gThis Sunday morning, a pharmacist who works a block from the Elementary School once attended by my children went off to work as did a young girl who also worked at the pharmacy, with no idea on earth that everything they ever wanted to do or be, had happened.

At twenty minutes after ten, a robber shot and killed four people in the building. The police officer who discovered what had to be an awful and gruesome and bloody scene, reported it to dispatch in a totally conversational tone of voice, leading me to believe it was a Sunday morning drill.

A mile into a random local bike ride, I discovered that it was not, as I stumbled upon the scene in real life, not television or internet.

I am not particularly proud of this fact, but my very first reaction upon seeing this scene was the line from “Alice’s Restaurant” that ‘they had all kinds of po lees equipment that they was using up”.

The media was there

As were the gawkers, which briefly had to include me, although I left rapidly.

Here’s the thing that struck me. A block away, people were cutting their grass. Kids shot baskets in the street. Birds sang loudly in the trees overhanging the street on which I rode. A stream of vehicles passed me, occupied by people who had no knowledge of what had transpired yards from them.

It IS a good idea to enjoy life while it lasts. Sometimes it is well to remember.


becomingkate said...

Life keeps on no matter what might be happening elsewhere.
I feel for the many families suffering, thanks to the gunman :(

Lowandslow said...

That is so horrible. If they catch those responsible and would consider a "guest juror", let me know.

You're right...every day is a gift. Enjoy it to it's fullest.


BethanyC said...

So sad Darling and surprising. You're right, senseless tragedies like this are a good reminder to treasure what we have while we have it.

Love you and treasure you and at the moment, miss you!

Dorrie said...

I used to go by the saying "today is the first day of the rest of your life" . Yes, tomorrow, or even today, your whole world could turn up-side-down.

I think it's really second nature for us all to sometimes be gawkers... it's a result of pure curiosity.... why else do we read newspapers?

Fijufic said...

Everyone lives in their own little world...

Fin said...

Today an arrest was made, less than two miles from the quadruple shooting. The suspect was taken immediately to the nearest hospital. One hopes they have the right guy.

Fin said...

Update. They DO have the right guy. Plenty of good evidence from fingerprints at the scene, confession by his wife, murder weapon found at the house and more.

What makes this case so inexplicable is the following: the perp had NO criminal record; the handgun was legally registered; he was NOT suspected or mistrusted by his closest neighbors. He was a local homegrown white Jewish boy, whom cops said has NOT cooperated in the slightest with them, nor shown any remorse whatever. And nobody can begin to conceive a motive.