Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bicycle Path - Suffolk Style

Imagine riding with a following tailwind, so doing perhaps 14 to 15 mph, with SUVs roaring by 15 inches away at 55 mph and then seeing this thing in your pathway. If you don't ruin a wheel, you could end up as road kill, smooshed under one such SUV in a heartbeat.

Yet another dreary instance where planners SAY they want people to use bicycles, but do their best to kill them if they actually try to.


Maggsworld said...

I can agree that planners everywhere play these games. In one area we have resided, they have a bicycle path marked which JUST disappears around the edge of each roundabout. I never failt to wonder where the cyclists are means to go?

Anonymous said...

Ummmm - THAT - is a bike path? We have bike paths around here all over the place - at least 3 times the width of that thing.
I'm actually considering - again - getting a bike and trying to get myself up to the task of riding almost 14 miles to and 14 miles from work everyday.
Haven't actually landed on that decision, yet.

Fin said...

It is not a 'purpose built' bike path as such, but is basically the only place available that is not actually IN the roadway and therefore much more dangerous.

I know that Abq had a huge bikeway around the edge of town, and not surprised Phx has same. Fourteen miles would take an hour or longer and you would need water along the way.

The actual savings in gas would probably not be overwhelming, but if it enabled you to ditch a vehicle with reg fees and repairs and insurance, it would be huge.

Fijufic said...

Fin that is crazy...

BenB said...

Well, really, I'm just interested in losing some weight - I know biking is excellent for accomplishing that goal and is MUCH easier on the knees.