Saturday, January 3, 2009

Have not heard from adjuster after 4 hrs, so called local state farm and was given 1-888 number for claims. Called them and listened carefully because their menu had changed, did not know the 7 digit number for the party I wanted and then was put on hold because ALL the agents were helping other customers. Called local agent back and told her I had listened carefully to the menu because it had changed, explained I did not know the 7 digit number of my party and was too busy assisting myself with windex, paper towels and loads of laundry to hold and suggested it might be a good idea of THEY could pry out an eta for an adjuster.


GirlBlogger said...

Good job heckling the insurers. After all, that is why they take your money, to uhmmm help in time of crises and all that. I hope they get back to you soon.

Judy said...

Good luck with the insurance people and

gee you are doing more work than I am...I'm just playing on the computer, trying to find all of you great people.

Found ya!

Fin said...

One of the clever ways that Fin lives frugally is to have a thousand dollar deductable on damage claims.



fragilewisdom said...

Yea! I found you. Good to see you here. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, you did. Enjoy your stay in FTS tonight. I would much rather be there than in frozen, oily and quite lonesome FTN.

Arwen said...

Hi, Fin! Found Bethany yesterday; glad to see you are still kickin'!

BenB said...

Hi Fin:
Nice to find ya.
Still looking for the specifics on what, exactly, happened to your house?
Doesn't sound like too much fun.